Excelsior Adventures – Gift Voucher

Excelsior Adventures - Gift Voucher

Purchase  an event for a friend. Do you have a friend that would love to go hiking? Buy them this voucher and receive a gift voucher for them to use on any of our upcoming events.

SUP Lesson - £30
Hiking Adventures - £20

SUP Lesson

Stand up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is one of the best ways to connect with nature and help relax. The feeling of gliding through the water can clear your head and refocus your mind.


- Stand Up Paddle experience on a beautiful Scottish loch
- Stunning scenery with Ben Lomond in the background
- Professional and expert event planning
- The high quality equipment from an eco conscious company (Fatsticks Boards)
- 1 hour on the water
- hire of a wetsuit, booties & a buoyancy aid

Hiking Adventure

Join us on a Excelsior Adventure's event next year! We look to provide enjoyable, educational and uplifting experiences shared with like minded individuals through organising Hiking Events promoted throughout Scotland and the UK. There will be a focus on utilising these events to raise awareness about how beneficial hiking and nature is for one’s mental well being. This will include transport on the Excelsior Adventures Mini Bus, snacks and guidance.


*subject to availability