Buying my First Paddle Board

Scrolling on Instagram one day last spring I came across this beautiful image of a girl standing in the middle of a moody Loch Voil. She was standing in a wetsuit on her paddle board and I instantly thought ‘I need to try this’. I have previously written a blog on how I overcame my fear of water through paddleboarding, but through a series of very fortunate events no more than a month later I found myself suiting up and learning that paddleboards don’t pump themselves up. 

With the sun splitting the sky and my borrowed Jobe paddle board ready to go we all set off from Luss Pier and did not return until around 8 hours later. Whilst the sun tan was short lived, that love and passion I found for the water that day has stayed with me and I was very fortunate to have people in my life who allowed me to try their boards. By the time June came I was ready to buy my first board – financially I was not in a place where I could drop hundreds of pounds, but I knew I wanted to get a good quality board and I can be pretty impatient at times.  

Photo by: @supglasgow

I didn’t want a blue board, most of the ones I had tried had been blue… ideally I wanted a bright, pink board with a really nice pattern on it. Cue Fatstick. I opted for the Pink Panther 10’6 Inflatable Paddle Board and Fatstick offers a finance option to pay for your board, meaning I was paying less than £50 a month for my board instead of it all at once! This made the decision to get my board so much easier! 

Photo by: @supglasgow

I was really excited to get out on the board and loved it even more once I was out on the water! Not only did it look AMAZING, but it was pretty easy to pump up (I am not exactly the strongest) and it came with a ESEA Strap leash which allows your leash to also be used as a shoulder strap to carry the board easily! The board is a really great quality board and feels really strong and stable on the water. A lot of my friends wanted to test the board (I think the colour was really appealing) and they all agree that it is very easy to manoeuvre. 


When the paddle is all over and you have to go through the process of packing up, Fatstick has made that super easy! I always really struggled to pack up my boards, getting them small enough to fit back into the bag seemed like an impossible task but Fatstick have somehow made it really simple. After deflating, it is a pretty straightforward fold up job and you pop it in the bag with no hassle. 

Photo by: @supglasgow

As Andy said in his interview, there are so many different boards you can buy and whilst people can claim to be the best, or the fastest or the lightest realistically as long as you are buying from a reputable company you will get a good standard of board. One thing I love is a company who looks to do good as well as sell their products, and that’s exactly what FatStick does with their Tree Campaign. When you buy a board they plant a tree which helps to offset the Paddle Board industry’s carbon footprint. I love that I have supported a company that is working to help the environment and also now have a beautiful board to go out and adventure on. 

Photo by: Stephen Watson


What’s included? 

  • Carbon Shaft Paddle
  • ESEA Strap Leash
  • Go Pro Camera Mount at Nose of Board
  • Kayak Conversion Seat
  • High Quality Bag with Wheels
  • 3 Fully Removable Find
  • Dual Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge 
  • Anchor Point at Nose of Board, 3 Hands and Cargo Strap 


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Facebook: FatStick Board 

Written by Jen Jamieson from Excelsior Adventures



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