My Excelsior Adventure by Laura Bateman

The below blog was written by the wonderful Laura Bateman who is the first person to fully complete the Excelsior Adventures 6 Week Challenge. The challenge saw us gradually increase the intensity of our hike from a 4.8km, 180m hill to Ben Lomond, a 12km, 968m Munro! See below what Laura has to say about her journey…


My Excelsior Adventure – Laura Bateman

This weekend I climbed my first Munro as part of the Excelsior Adventures 6 week challenge. I’d been on a few of Jen’s walks before and when she mentioned about the challenge I thought it was a great idea but being new to hiking, a voice in my head told me I couldn’t do it. It’s the same voice that tells me that I’m not enough, but I know now that the voice is based on fear and fear just wants to keep me safe. So instead of fighting it, I now welcome it along with me. I accept its input but acknowledge that it comes from a primitive part of my brain then make a conscious decision. So I signed up to the challenge and me and my fear started a journey together.

Each week all the reasons why I shouldn’t go popped into my head, but I read something recently that stuck with me: Showing up is 90% of the game. 

So I made a commitment to myself to just show up, no matter what. It was a bit like going to the gym, I never feel like going but once I’m there I’m always glad I made the effort. Every week my goal was simply to get in the Excelsior Adventures van and the rest took care of itself, I always enjoyed the walk and each week I looked forward to it. No matter how I felt or what the weather was like, I showed up and as I progressed through the challenge my confidence grew. On each walk I was able to let go of the endless work and life to do lists that never get finished, to allow myself to spend a few hours in good company doing something I enjoyed, being in the moment. And so I kept showing up. There were a few challenges along the way but I coped and it showed me I’m more resilient than I realised. I was determined to finish the challenge and it taught me not to underestimate the power I have within. 

Life’s a journey and I found something at the top of each climb that I hadn’t realised I’d lost – myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in life as I go about my usual routines, but each time I reached the top it gave me a new perspective in more ways than one.

So when life throws me another challenge I’ll be showing up, ready to go.

Moving onwards and upwards

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